stock image of four women running in water on the beach
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&, 1910-1940, 20, 20-25, 20-30, 20s, 25-30, 30, 30-35, 30-40, 30s, 35-40, a, activity, adult, adults, amuse, amusement, amusing, and, b&w, barefoot, barefooted, bathing, beach, beaches, black, bonding, buddies, buddy, bygone, camaraderie, carefree, caucasian, caucasians, cheerful, cheery, day, days, daytime, delight, delightful, enjoy, enjoyable, enjoying, enjoyment, enjoys, enthusiasm, enthusiastic, era, ethnicity, excite, excitement, exciting, exhilarate, exhilarating, exhilaration, fashioned, female, four, friend, friendliness, friendly, friends, friendship, friendships, front, full, fun, get-away, getaway, getaways, glad, goodtime, grin, grinning, grins, hair, hands, happiness, happy, historical, holding, horizontal, joy, joyful, joyous, joys, leisure, length, light-hearted, lightheartedly, lightheartedness, liveliness, lively, medium, medium-length, mid, mid-adult, midadult, momentum, motion, move, movement, movements, nostalgia, nostalgic, old, olds, one, only, out-of-door, out-of-doors, outdoor, outdoors, outside, ovfirstset, pal, pals, people, pep, photograph, piece, pizzazz, play, playful, playing, pleasurable, pleasure, pleasures, recreate, recreation, recreational, reflect, reflection, reflective, retro, retrospective, row, run, running, sea, seas, seascape, seascapes, skies, sky, smile, smiles, smiling, something, splashing, suit, suits, swimsuit, swimwear, thirty, thirtysomething, thrill, thrilling, together, togetherness, upbeat, vacation, vacationing, vacations, view, vigor, vigorous, vim, vintage, visuals, vitality, vivaciousness, vivacity, water, white, woman, women, year, years, young, youthful

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