stock image of row of multicolored rainbow palette sewing threads on cardboard spools. white wood background. crafts hobbies artisan business
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size 6000x4000 pixeli

accessories, announcement, apparel, artisan, background, banner, blue, bobbin, border, brown, business, cardboard, chic, class, clean, colorful, concept, copy, crafts, craftsman, decoration, delicate, design, elegant, embroidery, fashion, feminine, flyer, frame, grey, hobbies, interior, local, material, minimalist, mockup, multicolored, needlework, palette, paper, pink, poster, purple, rainbow, red, reel, retro, roll, row, sewing, shabby, space, spools, style, tailor, template, texture, thread, threads, tools, vintage, website, white, wood, workshop, yellow

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