stock image of row of women water skiing
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&, 1910-1940, 20-30, 20s, action, active, activities, activity, adult, adults, and, angry, attractive, b&w, black, bygone, caucasian, cheerful, choreograph, choreographed, choreography, collaborate, collaborating, collaboration, coordinate, coordinated, coordination, costume, costumes, day, daytime, enjoy, enjoying, enjoyment, entertainer, entertainers, entertainment, era, exterior, fashioned, fast, female, females, feminine, friend, friends, friendship, fun, group, groups, happiness, happy, historical, leisure, lifestyle, line, lined, lines, match, matching, medium, motion, move, movement, moving, nostalgia, nostalgic, of, old, only, outdoor, outdoors, outside, ovfirstset, people, performer, performers, person, photograph, pose, posed, poses, posing, pretty, recreation, retro, retrospective, row, rows, same, sameness, show, shows, ski, skier, skiers, skill, skilled, skillful, skills, smile, smiles, smiling, speed, speedy, sport, sports, teamwork, together, up, vertical, vintage, visuals, water, waterskiing, white, woman, women, working, years, young, youthful

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